Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The end of one era. The beginning of another.

Photo courtesy Markus Foster
Today we said goodbye to 1213 Washington Avenue North in Minneapolis as the semi-original (3rd) location of The Geek Squad, but home to our first actual sign.

We're moving the sign and all its contents & operations into the giant lobby of Best Buy World HQ a few miles away where we'll re-open offering near-free support for our friends at Best Buy so they can get a taste of what its like (if they haven't already.) The best way to protect your brand after an acquisition is to try to create an emotional connection with your new family.
This sign itself has special significance. The day my daughter was born, back in June 1998, the sign was being put up. I had to head home in the middle of the installation to take her mother to a movie to get her mind off the pain. Right as the movie started, the water broke. Rather than a direct route to the hospital, I decided to take a slightly curved route to swing by and see how the sign looked. (That's brand dedication.)
When Paris' mother realized where we were heading, she screamed, "GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL!!". The sign looked great, and Paris was born at 11:58pm. 
Paris came with me today to watch it being taken down, 12 years later, joined by many of the original Agents who were there when it was installed. They each had babysat Paris over the years, often while she slept next to my desk. (You have to breed the CEO's early!).
Fun day. On to the next chapter.


Ray said...

Great story!
Congrats on the move, I wish you and the Geek Squad the best of luck!

-Sleeper Agent Reece

Marissa said...

That's amazing. It's such an inspiration for me. It just sets us up for total domination. This is just the start...

Agent 27641
Marissa Flitting

Donovan said...

I still have my original badge - Agent 69. :)

I guess It's been almost 10 years since I've been in that building... I still have many fond memories of working there. I wish I didn't lose contact with everyone people. Seems theres a few still around though; a couple faces I recognize.

Shane said...

I watched the live USTREAM webcam yesterday.

I am sad that it seems that I may never have an opportunity to work in a GSS. However I do feel confident that our brand is heading in the right direction.

You no longer have to go to a GSS to get a great snapshot of our culture at its best. It is now being delivered via the chiefs and other Agents in their new roles.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bit of a jerk to me... your wife's water broke, she's in labor, and you detour on your route to the hospital? Brand dedication or self-absorbed? Sorry but if you have such a difficult time caring for your family how can I expect you to have empathy for my computer problems?

Deputy said...

Hey Robert,

Sad day indeed. I have a lot of great memories from that building. Hope you went to Cuzzy's afterward! We need to have a big old reunion party sometime.

Andy Douglas
Sleeper Agent 58

Anonymous said...

Just went by a couple weeks ago while I was in MN. Had no idea the sign was coming down. Glad I saw it while it was still up. Is that Ryan in the background.